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Monday, September 24, 2012

The paperwork begins…


This is just a minuscule sampling of the dozens of documents and testimonials we  have to get together in the weeks to come…

Here’s what they’re asking for:

For each of the 4 of us:
- Passport                
- Photograph of family member(s) making Aliyah                

Adults only:
- Entry and Exit Form                
- Proof of Living Overseas (for the past 7 years)                
- Health Declaration
- Passport Photos (please mail by post only!)

From Ted only:
- Accompanying Letter from the Applicant                
- Conversion Certificate                
- Accompanying Letter from one of the Officiating Rabbis                

From me, because of my complicated past:
- Court Order (custody)                
- Declaration of Unaccompanying Parent
- Declaration of Unaccompanying Ex-Spouse

(those last two are going to prove tough to get, but I hope the Death Certificate will suffice…)

- Civil Marriage Certificate
- Waiver of Confidentiality                
- Declaration of Family Obligations
- Financial Affidavit                
- Letter of Recommendation - from a community leader (not a relative), attesting to your character, contribution to the community, reasons for making Aliyah, etc.

Sheesh!  That’s a LOT of paperwork…

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