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To make aliyah…

You must look like this:


(From this helpful info page about passport photos.)

Good to know!

I suppose some olim start with the haircut – others begin with the eyebrows (minor) or the ear plastic surgery (major) for the truly Vulcan look.

Look out Israel…

Here comes trouble!

passport 015

Thank goodness, out of six passports I obtained with great difficulty four years ago, only GZ’s has expired, because he had a little-baby passport.  Naomi’s is good ‘till next December, and hopefully she’ll have an Israeli one by then.  Wow.  :-o

Someone’s sense of humour

Still wading through paperwork, a state we’ll probably be in for the next few months.  This is the Proof of Judaism letter,w hich you’re supposed to use as a sample and have your real rabbi fill in with  your real info.


See the sample “signature” under the line for Rabbi?  “Rabbi Jonathan Doeberg.”

Ha ha ha.  Real cute.

Funny that you ask…

The very last question on the health form we need to fill out to accompany our aliyah application:


Perhaps they’ll suggest coming by boat if you can’t.

Everything you wanted to know #3: Sukkahs

… ie, Every Dumb Thing You Might NOT Have Wanted to Know About Aliyah, but I Did and This is My Blog So Here it Comes Anyway.

My question this week:

What's your Sukkah made of???

I asked this during Sukkos, which I understand is called Sukkot in Israel, though it’s going to take time for me to adjust back to saying it that way.  ;-))

Here are the answers (feel free to add your own in the Comments section below!):

  • Ours is wood on a "permanent" pergola (very much like this one).

  • Metal poles + fabric (from

  • Plastic tarp and bamboo with permanent bracing for the schach

  • metal poles with a tarp. and bamboo mat schach. we brought it from america; the fabric ones probably let a lot more air in, and i would recommend that. we cut windows in our tarp to allow some air to flow through...

  • Metal poles and fabric, but you need to make sure that there are enough wooden poles on top to hold the schach in such a way that it doesn't come into contact with metal (which is mekabel tuma). We had wooden boards (walls) in our old place - also very good. The pros and cons: fabric lets in more breeze, but it also lets in more sun, which can really heat up the sukkah. Also, if you have fabric, you need to have more solid items to make up the lowest ten tefachot of the walls. (continued) We have 3.5 walls around our balcony that are each about a meter and a half high. We put the cloth walls up just to make it have the look and feel of the sukkah, but the structure walls make it kosher.

  • we build ours from scratch every year with pallets and other found wood - this year we borrowed someone's old sukkah frame and embellished it with pallets and rugs and fabric

    There…Aren’t you glad I asked???

    Sukkah photo by Yoninah; licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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