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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting to know... Coinage ?!...#$%

Apparently, there are about 3900 denominations of coinage in this country.  Some of it is worth quite a lot; well, 10 shekels.  But some of it, just to throw you off, is worth almost nothing, like the ones that say "agorot" on them.  Worthless.  Here i am on the bus, trying to sort out how much i've paid and how much is left... Oy!


  1. Think of the agorot as cents. And the rule is that if a coin is partly or completely silver-colored, it's shekels. If it's completely brass-colored, it's agorot. The smallest denomination coin is the 10 agorot -- worth about 3 cents. Prices in stores may be something like 4.99, but the final bill must be rounded -- according to the law -- to the closest 10 agorot.

  2. @Eliyahu: Thanks for this tip about the colour of the money!
    I will also keep the rounding in mind... closest, up or down? Here, we're in the process of eliminating pennies, but I believe rounding must always be to the customer's advantage. Yesterday, I went to pay something and there were a couple of agorot that I stood stupidly trying to figure out how to pay until the cashier told me (body language) that we were done. Doh!


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