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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cool things in Israel #3: 4 things you’ll love about bakeries!

1. They have no doors.  Who needs doors, anyway?


2.  They’re (almost) all kosher, even in areas without a significant religious community.


3.  They all have ₪5 icekaffe on tap.  (Not always tasty, but a quick fix if you need one.)


4.  They tell you what season it is!  Or at least, what holiday’s coming up.


Good Shabbos / Shabbat Shalom!!!

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  1. not all have 5 shekel coffee, but many have lowered their prices

  2. True. Also, the 5 shekel icekaffe is pretty small and doesn't come with a lid. For a little more, you can get canned coffee that I like much better. Or there's starbucks instant - my sister just mailed us some!


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